Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sewing Machine as objets d'art: Creative Canvas Structures takes a classy approach to their business

Sometimes when you're out and about, even when your eye is peeled for something photo-worthy, you spot the unexpected that really surprises you. Creative Canvas Structures is west of downtown and a few blocks north of Kennedy Boulevard. It's kind of buried in with other companies in nondescript warehouses. What is amazing if you haven't wandered through this area recently is the large number of attractive apartments and condominiums that have been built. A lot of them are very nice architecturally and feature gobs of amenities. Creative Canvas is located smack in the middle of this area that's being reclaimed and gentrified if you will. (I guess it was bound to happen.) What made me stop was their front entryway. Along with classic looking awnings they had incorporated an actual working sewing machine. And if you go in close it even has their name on it. It used to be that a shopkeeper hung a symbol for his trade out front. But sadly those days are long gone. You'd be hard pressed to find a barber's pole now that stylists have taken over cutting our hair. (Where did all of those wonderful wooden, blood-striped poles go??) In trying to find out something about the company, their website shows the Palace of Florence as an example of their work. Although my photo of that building on Davis Islands didn't show awnings, I bet their work is simply first-class all the way. It's not everyday you can find a sewing machine on a building.


  1. Actually, Frank, I don't think I've ever seen a sewing machine on a building before! You do come up with very interesting and unique photographs. You have a great eye!

  2. nice shot of this machine..thanks for sharing!