Friday, July 3, 2009

Geisha and Koi Carp are calling you to the billiards table: THE RACK is one classy and unique bar (and the sushi is darn good, too)

This is certainly one of the most fun and inventive food and drink spots in all of South Tampa or for that matter, the entire city. The colorful outside does give a hint as to what awaits within. It’s gathered quite a fan club since its opening and is now a welcome fixture on a changing and busy thoroughfare. It’s not on trendy (and at times crazy, jam-packed, can’t find a parking space) South Howard Avenue but rather on still busy, one-way-only Platt Street, just north of SoHo by a few blocks. It is close enough to be on the route to any number of favorites on a night out. And it is popular and has a good following. So what makes this place so unique? Did you really look at the photo? The Rack is a sushi bar and billiards lounge. Isn’t that a fantastic combination? They claim the best sushi in Tampa plus the place has billiards tables, three bars, and you can even eat outdoors if you wish to take a break. It is not a pool hall by any definition and you’d have to visit and see the inside to know that it’s comfortable and inviting. And it’s not filled with a bunch of pool-shooting beer drinkers. The food is too great an attraction and the crowds who know The Rack and love it bring their friends and talk it up. Word of mouth has put this place on the map from the day they opened their doors. All in all it’s a winning combination. One of the unusual and brilliant marketing moves they’ve made recently is their “Foreclosure Friday!” Intriguing isn’t it. And you have to wonder what is going on with a theme night like that. They invite Tampa’s real estate professionals, mortgage bankers and anyone else in the real estate field to save 25% on their entire tab. In these times, and with the South Tampa they cater to, that’s a very smart move. What attracts me and makes me slow every time I’m at their corner is the artwork. The Japanese Geishas, Koi carp and logo with the martini glass. Very well done and super classy.


  1. Sushi and billiards? What's next?

  2. Unique combination, to say the least.
    I just love what's written on the board! I don't quite get it, but I love it! :D

  3. I don't understand the board comments either but it's something to do with our Amercian independance. But it is unclear.

  4. So, what's with "throw up your hands"?

    I think they should call this the Hard Rack Cafe!

    Certainly is colorful enough!