Monday, July 6, 2009

Vintage Lofts at West End are helping to transform a historic neighborhood

The Vintage Lofts at West End provide a good subject to shoot in black and white. Standing rather alone against the sky and incorporating a number of different architectural elements, materials and textures in its construction, I thought the varying shades of black, white and gray would work well in this portrait of the building. The Lofts are relatively new to this area north of Kennedy Boulevard. Located at North Rome and West Cypress street, they are a welcome addition to this West Tampa neighborhood that lies west of Boulevard and south of the interstate. It's been slumbering for several years after over a century of families living and working in businesses, warehouses, churches and homes. Now, there are so many new and attractive apartments and condominium developments it's hard to believe. Although the apartment residents might feel a bit like pioneers, they are in fact about a five minute walk to Tampa's newest Starbucks and a five minute drive to downtown. But, right now, The Vintage Lofts, which is loaded with style and every conceivable luxury-lifestyle amentity, is playing a big part in the transformation of the neighborhood, raising its profile and making it one of the next best places to live.


  1. You're getting into this B&W stuff, Frank. It looks good, too.

    I like these "vintage lofts" a lot, but I'd guess they're a bit pricey!

  2. Hope it can make it in this economy.

  3. I'm having fun shooting in b/w for an hour or so each week and trying to SEE in monochrome. It stretches my brain and can't hurt (too much.) I'm glad you like the results.
    The lofts (and a lot of other new properties) may have a really tough time until the economy turns around. They were big investments.