Friday, July 24, 2009

Your chariot awaits you, Sire.

This isn't your grandma's Mercury Grand Marquis that's been gathering dust in the garage. This Mercury has seen a lot more life then it can begin to tell and is dolled up and ready for the second act. It doesn't get more ready than this. The wheels are what caught my attention and of course the way it's been significantly raised up. You would certainly see over all the little Toyotas and Hondas on the highway. "Dubs" are what I thought this type of wheel was called but, nooo, I was wrong. These particular wheels are more like twankie dueces, dub dueces, or duece dueces. Much bigger. I don't know their size but dubs can only be twenty inch wheels. This chariot is ready to take on the coliseum in Rome. This car and a companion, similar in transformation, were both sitting quietly under a oak tree awaiting their new owners. Is their a Caesar out there that can handle this powerful a ride? (Disclaimer: Step ladder not included in sale.)


  1. I think I need these elevated wheels to get through our flooded streets. Heheh

  2. If Detroit made a model like this bad boy, they never would be in the mess they find themselves.

  3. This is much cooler than an SUV :-))))